The Board of Directors is the Millennium Campus Network’s highest-level governing body. The board meets with senior MCN staff throughout the year to establish broad objectives, plan high-level strategies, approve the MCN’s annual budget, and ensure accountability to the MCN’s stakeholders at every level–from the world’s extremely poor, to students organizing on college campuses, and beyond.


wherberich-thWilliam Herberich

Chair, MCN Board of Directors



bbernstein-thBeth Bernstein

Director of Programming, Brandeis National Committee



rmaginn-thRobert Maginn

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Jenzabar, Inc.



aalvanos-thAlex Alvanos

CEO & Founder, The Commonwealth Market



asharma-thAnita Sharma

Director, Millennium Development Goals Initiative, United Nations Foundation



sguy-thSol Guy

Entrepeneur & Manager, 4REAL



kross-thDr. Kevin M. Ross

President, Lynn University



lfresina-thLori Fresina

Vice President, M+R Strategic Services, New England